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We have now published the calendar for 2022 so that you can get planning a new and unfettered summer

This page shows all Channel Sailing Club events. Individual Events will not be available for registration until an Organiser has been appointed. 

The individual events will be added to the calendar over the next week or so but until then please go to the spreadsheet that identifies the Cruises and Races planned.

Sailing Event applications

- All club Members individually  need to apply for sailing events. This is done online when logged in by using the Register button shown on the particular event page. There is a general cut-off date for applications of 7 days before sailing events (some may be longer). After that date you can contact the event organiser who may still be able to fit you in.

Applications are made as either as a Skipper or a Crew member. Skippers may include non-members as Guests on their applications. An email will be sent confirming the application to both the member and the event organiser.

Social Event applications

Members can apply and also add guests who can also be other Club members. The events often involve  a payment which is easily paid using the on-line facility.

Note: if you have to cancel your application then you must contact the event organiser directly - there is no online facility to do it.

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