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Sailing Event applications

- All Members individually must apply to go on sailing events. This is done online when logged in by using the Register button shown on the particular event page. There is a general cut-off date for applications of 7 days before sailing events (some may be longer). After that date you can contact the event organiser who may still be able to fit you in.

Applications are made as either as a Skipper or a Crew member. Skippers may include non-members as Guests on their applications. An email will be sent confirming the application to both the member and the event organiser.

Social Event applications

Members can apply and also add guests who can also be other Club members. The events often involve  a payment which is easily paid using the on-line facility.

Note: if you have to cancel your application then you must contact the event organiser directly - there is no online facility to do it.

Upcoming events

    • 23/02/2019
    • 09:30 - 16:00
    • Bookham (Near Station)

     Description: Marine Diesel Maintenance Training

    Sorry, now fully subscribed - If there is sufficient interest I'll run a second course.

    Organiser:  Dick Beddoe         

    I am going to run a single day marine diesel maintenance course on 23rd February.  The aim is to get members who are new to sailing familiar with one of the most important bits of a yacht, its engine.

    Marine diesels are extremely reliable but there are a few "gotchas" that must be understood, and the purpose of this day is to explain these basics. 

    The course will be loosely based on the RYA Diesel maintenance book.  The subjects I propose to include are as follows:-

    • Basic diesel principles
    • Direct drives and sail-drives
    • The cooling system including direct and indirect cooling systems, filters & corrosion
    • Lubrication system with oil & filter changing, including gearbox
    • Fuel system for the low pressure and high pressure circuits
    • Cables & Connections
    • Fault finding and resolution

    To help in this the club owns a small marine diesel for the practical hands-on work.  This means we need to keep the numbers relatively low, say around 6 attendees so that everyone gets "a go" at wielding a spanner!

    To keep costs to a minimum we will run this at my home in the (heated) garage.  The course will comprise presentations and practical exercises.

    If you wish to attend the course could you please register

    As we do not have the cost of a hall hire we are able to keep costs very low.  So we have set course cost to £10.  The lunch and coffee expenses will be deducted and the balance will go into club funds.



    Burnhams Road

    Little Bookham

    KT23 3BB

    (On map locate Little Bookham Village Hall - Burnhams Road is adjacent)

    My House:- Copthorne - round right corner, 2nd house on right


    • 27/02/2019
    • 20:30 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

     North West Passage - Nigel Barraclough 

    The North West Passage – who found it and who didn’t.

    The North West passage in the Artic north of Canada: a fabled alternative route to the east has been the subject of controversy, claims that were unfounded but more importantly the true “discoverer” was vilified and never given the credit by the Establishment – arguably still doesn’t.

    Nigel Barraclough will talk about the history and one of the (conveniently) forgotten heroes of Artic exploration.

    (Free entry - A collection will be held at the end of the talk to support the club and clubs nominated charity).

    Organiser:    Dick Beddoe    


    • 06/03/2019
    • 20:30 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club


    An opportunity to find out about all this years events both on and off the water. There will be short presentations by the relevant organisers who will be happy to answer any 'reasonable' questions members may have before committing to events .

    Organiser:  Dick Beddoe              


    • 09/03/2019
    • 24/03/2019
    • 2 sessions
    • On the Water

     Description: RYA Competent Crew and Day Skipper Practical Courses

    A great opportunity to take either the Competent Crew or Day Skipper practical course in 5 days over two weekends in 9-10th March, 22-24th March 2019.

    The course will take place in the Solent using Bella of London a 50ft Grand Soliel Yacht. She is very well maintained with every luxury and can be seen at

    Instruction will be by CSC Club Member and RYA Instructor Ken Fifield.

    As the course is being run by Bella Sailing CSC Members are requested to book directly with Bella of London, CSC has no liability and the contract is between the CSC Member and Bella of London. Before booking please ensure you check their terms and conditions. Please use the link below:-

    The cost of the Course is £400. 

    Organiser:  David Surman     
    • 13/03/2019
    • 20:30 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

     Description: The Commodore goes to the bottom of the World.- Alick Fraser

    A trip to the tip of South America - Fin del Mondo - and beyond

    Pencil in this date in your diary for a presentation about some of the remotest parts of the world.  More detail to follow, but be assured this presentation is definitely not to be missed.

    (Free entry - A collection will be held at the end of the talk to support the club and clubs nominated charity).

    Organiser:    Dick Beddoe    


    • 20/03/2019
    • 20:30 - 22:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    • 38


    Organiser:  Marion Tempest                 
    • 27/03/2019
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for (description )

    A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser: Alick Fraser
    • 30/03/2019
    • 31/03/2019
    • On the water

    Title: Frostbite Rally

    Description: Shiver me Timbers its the opening event of 2019 Sailing Calendar. 

    A chance to shakedown the boat and crew for the upcoming season.

    "Due to Member demand" we are now going to the Folly Inn with walk ashore berthing and dancing on the tables.

    Maybe "a night of pure folly"? and as the clocks go forward that night, maybe "spring forward into the sailing season"?    

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser: Alick Fraser

    • 03/04/2019
    • 20:30 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    • 57

     Duncan Wells is coming to Channel Sailing Club to tell us about stress free sailing and navigation.  He is a hugely experienced presenter and writes for a number of sailing magazines in addition to being the author of a number of excellent sailing books. 

    Do come along to this premier event at Channel Sailing Club.

    Bill does not charge for his talk but he does have copies of his books on sale which with your enthusiastic support will more than compensate.

    Register now to avoid disappointment.

    Organiser:  Dick Beddoe / Bill Rawle             


    • 10/04/2019
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for Long Race (#1&2)

    A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser:  Jeremy John
    • 13/04/2019
    • 14/04/2019
    • On the water

    Title:      Long Race (#1&2)


    Opening weekend races of the season comprising. 

    HW portsmouth 13/04/19  = 05:58 and 18:53.

    Race 1 Long race out to the Nab Tower,  start likely to be Browndown around midday,  exact course to be announced at briefing and subject to forecasts etc..  

    Evening meal has be arranged at the Brading Yacht Club at the Western end of the Harbour,  water taxi has been reserved for those who wish to be ferried across the water., alternatively there is the causeway walk.

    Race 2  Shorter race on the Sunday within the Solent course tba.

    Pontoon  berths have been booked in Bembridge for 10 boats (there may be rafting up).

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser: Jeremy John

    • 17/04/2019
    • 20:30 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

     Description: Quiche & Quiz Night with Dick & Jane

    “Its time for the ‘Fun with Dick & Jane’ quiz night again, but this time we thought you might need some "brain" food so we are including some quiche & other bits.

    We'll provide more information when we think of it :-)  

    Organiser:  Dick Beddoe       


    • 24/04/2019
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for Navigators Race(#3)/Rally

    A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser:  Paul Airey
    • 27/04/2019
    • 28/04/2019
    • On the water

    Navigators Race(#30)/Rally

    Shut down the computers. Get the Charts, Graphite, Rubbers, Breton Plotters and Compass out its time to go back to basics for the Navigators Race. Really test what you used to know before GPS!

    For those who just want to watch or take a pleasant cruise in the Solent come along and join in with the evening debrief!

    Destination TBA       

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser:  Paul Airey

    • 15/05/2019
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

    Briefing for Two Handed Race(#4)

    A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser:  David Murch
    • 18/05/2019
    • 19/05/2019
    • On the water

    Two Handed Race (#4)      

    Description: What can  you do with just two~?

    Race in the Solent and stay overnight at Berthon Marina, Lymington. Dinner details TBC     

    Note:  On line registrations close at Midnight Saturday 4th May.

    Organiser: David Murch 

    • 29/05/2019
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for Regatta Races(#5,6,7&8)

    A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser:  Alick Fraser
    • 01/06/2019
    • 02/06/2019
    • On the water

    Regatta Races (#5,6,7&8)      

    2 short races per day and an Evening in West Cowes. What a weekend!  

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser: Alick Fraser 

    • 12/06/2019
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for Passage Races (#9&10)

    A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser:  Teresa Hemingway
    • 15/06/2019
    • 16/06/2019
    • On the water

    Passage Races (#9&10)      

    Race 9

    Departing from the Eastern solent we are going round the back of the Island finishing near to Yarmouth. 

    Overnight in Yarmouth details TBC

    Race 10

    Sunday a shorter race heading back to the Eastern Solent .

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser: Teresa Hemingway

    • 26/06/2019
    • 20:30 - 22:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club


    A date for your diaries. Details TBC
    Organiser:  TBC                


    • 10/07/2019
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for Cross Channel (#11)

    A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser:  Mark Hawkins
    • 13/07/2019
    • 15/07/2019
    • On the water

    Cross Channel Race (#11)      

    Over La Manche to Cherbourg. A longer distance race challenge rewarded with La Belle France (assuming we are still welcome). Formidable!

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser: Mark Hawkins

    • 04/09/2019
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for Wooden Spoon Race (12&13)

    A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser:  Simon Davey 
    • 07/09/2019
    • 08/09/2019
    • On the water


     Wooden Spoon Race (#12&13)

    Race 12

    The annual challenge vs CRRC. Their opportunity to organise in 2019? 

    Race 13 

    CSC boats only on the return journey     

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser:  Simon Davey 

    • 25/09/2019
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for Yarmouth Race (#14&15 )/ Rally

    A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser:  Peter Thomas 
    • 28/09/2019
    • 29/09/2019
    • On the water

    Yarmouth Rally/ Race (#14&15)      

    Another opportunity for the Cruisers and Racers to enjoy a weekend on the water. 

    There will be a Race(#14) to Yarmouth on the Saturday and Race(#15) on the Sunday. Or alternatively a leisurely cruise to and from Yarmouth. 

    Details of berthing and dinner TBC       

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser: Peter Thomas  

    • 09/10/2019
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for Pursuit Race (#16 )

    A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser:  Oleg Lebedev
    • 12/10/2019
    • 13/10/2019
    • On the water

    Pursuit Race (#16)     

    The season finale - the only race where the first past the post always wins.   

    Berthing overnight in East Cowes and the results!   

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser:  Oleg Lebedev

    • 30/10/2019
    • 20:30 - 22:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club



    A date for your diaries.

    It's back to school for the evening! Only the good stuff of course. 

    Hopefully no fighting over the skin for the custard and seconds.

    Menu and Cost TBC

    Registration will open when Price has been confirmed.

    Organiser:  Wendy & Robin Bruce           


    • 11/12/2019
    • 20:30 - 22:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

     Minced Pies and Mulled Wine

    Join in the festive spirit with a Mince Pie and Glass of Mulled Wine Courtesy of the Club.

       Organiser:    Linda Varney

    • 30/09/2022
    • 20:30 - 22:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

    This is to enable payments for Polo Shirt Orders: 

    All polo shirts are Navy with the Channel Sailing Club Logo 

    Mens Shirts £16.50 

    Ladies Shirts £14.00 

    Organiser:    Bonnie Brown       


Past events

13/02/2019 Making Sailing Pay - Ken Fifield
30/01/2019 Burns Supper
23/01/2019 2019 Annual General Meeting
16/01/2019 Singapore Sling goes Scandanavian
19/12/2018 Minced Pies and Mulled Wine
12/12/2018 'Confessions of a Yachtmaster Examiner'
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21/11/2018 One Night Only- Singapore Sling?
17/11/2018 RYA First Aid Course - Bacchus
07/11/2018 RNLI Presentation and Christmas Sale
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27/10/2018 RYA First Aid Course- Pan Pan
18/10/2018 RYA VHF Radio Course
07/10/2018 Day Skipper Theory
06/10/2018 Pursuit Race
03/10/2018 Briefing for Pursuit Race
22/09/2018 Passage Races (Races 13&14)
19/09/2018 Briefing for Passage Races
12/09/2018 Quiz Night
12/09/2018 Day Skipper Theory Taster Session
08/09/2018 Yarmouth can we make it this time? Formerly known as Practice Weekend
05/09/2018 Briefing for Yarmouth Can we make it this time? Formerly known as Practice Weekend
11/08/2018 West Country Cruise
08/08/2018 Briefing for West Country Cruise
28/07/2018 Yarmouth Race/Rally (Races11&12)
25/07/2018 Briefing for Yarmouth Race/Rally
07/07/2018 Cherbourg and Bastille Day Cruise
04/07/2018 Briefing for Cherbourg and Bastillle Day Cruise
30/06/2018 Wooden Spoon Race (Races 9&10)
27/06/2018 Briefing for Wooden Spoon Race
20/06/2018 Totally Tropical BBQ
16/06/2018 Regatta Weekend (Races 5-8)
13/06/2018 Briefing for Regatta (Races 5-8)
04/06/2018 Midweek Cruise
30/05/2018 Briefing for Midweek Cruise
19/05/2018 Practice Weekend
16/05/2018 Briefing for Practice Weekend
12/05/2018 Navigators Race ( Race 4)
09/05/2018 Briefing for Navigators Race
28/04/2018 Two Handed Race (Race 3)
25/04/2018 Briefing for Two Handed Race
18/04/2018 Quiz Night with Jane and Dick
11/04/2018 Briefing for Race Practice Weekend
07/04/2018 Long Race (Race 1&2)
04/04/2018 Briefing for Long Race (Race 1 &2)
28/03/2018 Mexican Night
21/03/2018 The Dreaded COLREGS- Bill Swindell
17/03/2018 Frostbite Rally
14/03/2018 Briefing for Frostbite Rally
07/03/2018 Sailing Around Britain- Ken Endean
28/02/2018 The Trinity House Story- David Whitehead
21/02/2018 CATCH THE TIDE 2018
07/02/2018 Sailing Event Organisers 2018 Meeting
31/01/2018 Burns Supper
24/01/2018 2018 Annual General Meeting
17/01/2018 Singapore Sling goes to the Baltic
10/01/2018 Sailing in the Orkneys
13/12/2017 Mince Pie & Mulled Wine Evening
09/12/2017 Icicle Cruise
06/12/2017 Briefing for Icicle Cruise
29/11/2017 A Night at The Races
15/11/2017 The RNLI Then and Now
08/11/2017 'HW Tilman's Maritime Experience- Bob Comlay
01/11/2017 The Boats That Made Britain- Tom Cunliffe
28/10/2017 Experience Weekend
25/10/2017 Briefing for Experience Weekend
14/10/2017 Pursuit Race (race 12)
11/10/2017 Briefing for Pursuit Race (Race 12)
08/10/2017 Day Skipper Theory Course
04/10/2017 One-Pot Members Choice
30/09/2017 Navigators Race/Rally (race 11)
27/09/2017 Briefing for Navigators Race/Rally (11)
16/09/2017 Passage Races (Race 9 & 10)
13/09/2017 Briefing for Passage Races (Race 9 & 10)
19/08/2017 Experience Weekend
16/08/2017 Briefing for Experience Weekend
05/08/2017 West Country Cruise
02/08/2017 Briefing for West Country Cruise
29/07/2017 Yarmouth Race/Rally (Race 8)
26/07/2017 Breifing for Yarmouth Race/Rally (Race 80
10/07/2017 Bastille Day Cruise
05/07/2017 Briefing for Bastille Cruise
01/07/2017 Round the Island Race
24/06/2017 Wooden Spoon (race 7)
21/06/2017 Briefing for Wooden Spoon (Race 7)
14/06/2017 Summer BBQ
10/06/2017 Regatta (Race 3-6)
07/06/2017 Briefing for Regatta (Race 3-6)
22/05/2017 Midweek Cruise
17/05/2017 Briefing for Midweek Cruise
10/05/2017 Quiz Night
06/05/2017 Two Handed Race (Race 2)
03/05/2017 Briefing for Two Handed Race (Race 2)
29/04/2017 Experience Weekend
26/04/2017 Briefing for Experience Weekend
05/04/2017 Open Mic Evening
01/04/2017 Long Race (Race 1)
25/03/2017 RYA First Aid Course- Pan Pan Sailing
15/03/2017 Welcome Night
11/03/2017 Frostbite Rally
08/03/2017 Briefing for Frostbite Rally
01/03/2017 Marine Accident Investigation Board
22/02/2017 CATCH THE TIDE 2017
15/02/2017 National Coastwatch Institution
08/02/2017 Greek night
01/02/2017 First Aid for Sailors
25/01/2017 2017 Annual General Meeting
11/01/2017 Scottish Adventures
03/12/2016 Icicle Cruise
23/11/2016 'Man is not Lost'- Tom Cunliffe
16/11/2016 Emergency Response and Turn to Starboard
09/11/2016 The Green Blue- Kate Fortnam
26/10/2016 RNLI- Our Services on the Thames
19/10/2016 One-Pot Members Choice
15/10/2016 Pursuit Race (race 12)
09/10/2016 RYA Day Skipper Theory
01/10/2016 Navigators Race/Rally (race 11)
17/09/2016 Passage Races/Rally (races 9&10)
13/08/2016 West Country Cruise
30/07/2016 Yarmouth Race/Rally (race 8)
10/07/2016 Bastille Day Cruise
18/06/2016 Sprint Races (races 4-7)- Mini Regatta
04/06/2016 Wooden Spoon (race 3)
21/05/2016 Two Handed Race (race 2)
14/05/2016 Experience Weekend
09/05/2016 Midweek Cruise
23/04/2016 Long Race (race 1)
10/04/2016 RYA First Aid Course- Pan Pan Sailing
02/03/2016 'Sand, seals and surf - cruising around Norfolk to the Wash'.
24/02/2016 Operation Neptune - National Trust Coast
24/02/2016 RYA CEVNI Course 2016, Feb 24th and March 9th
10/02/2016 Ropes and Knots
24/01/2016 RYA Day Skipper Theory
20/01/2016 Walking with Lions
13/01/2016 QHM at Portsmouth
16/12/2015 Frosted Earth - Clouds
05/12/2015 Icicle Cruise
18/11/2015 Racing and the North West Passage 2013
04/11/2015 The How and Why of Tides
28/10/2015 1st Cuddington (Warspite) Sea Scouts
21/10/2015 An Evening To Celebrate Memories of Janet Sainsbury
17/10/2015 Pursuit Race
07/10/2015 Jubilee Sailing Trust
03/10/2015 Navigators Race
16/09/2015 Greek night
14/09/2015 Foxhunt Rally- Cancelled
12/09/2015 Passage Race/Rally
05/09/2015 Joint Rally with Sutton Mariners
15/08/2015 Plymouth Fireworks Cruise
01/08/2015 Lymington Race/Rally
25/07/2015 One Handed Race - Provisional
24/07/2015 RYA First Aid Course
12/07/2015 Bastille Cruise
11/07/2015 Sprint Races
01/07/2015 Summer BBQ
24/06/2015 House of Lords Terrace Buffet
20/06/2015 Wooden Spoon Race
30/05/2015 Spring Cruise
20/05/2015 One-Pot Members Choice
16/05/2015 Two Handed Race
01/05/2015 Milk-O-Punch
25/04/2015 Long Race
11/04/2015 Experience Weekend
08/04/2015 St Georges Day
03/04/2015 Easter Cruise
21/03/2015 Frostbite Rally
25/02/2015 Chinese New Year
11/02/2015 RYA Handicap System Talk
18/01/2015 RYA Day Skipper Theory
31/12/2014 St Patrick's Day- 11/03/2015 Cancelled
31/12/2014 Dinner Dance
10/12/2014 Mince Pie & Mulled Wine Evening
06/12/2014 Icicle Cruise and Commodore's Dinner-Dance
01/12/2014 Experience Weekend
27/11/2014 Clipper Round the World- Littleton Sailing Club
25/10/2014 Pursuit Race and Rally
11/10/2014 Navigators Race and Rally
27/09/2014 Wooden Spoon Race
13/09/2014 Foxhunt Rally
09/08/2014 Plymouth Fireworks Cruise
26/07/2014 Passage Races and Rally
10/07/2014 Bastille Day Cruise
02/07/2014 BBQ Night
28/06/2014 Lymington Race and Rally
14/06/2014 Sprint Races - re-scheduled event
31/05/2014 D-Day Spring Cruise
28/05/2014 Talk about the Gwennili Trust
14/05/2014 One Pot Evening
10/05/2014 Sprint Races
26/04/2014 Quizagation Rally
12/04/2014 Two-handed Race
08/04/2014 Brooklands Talk
01/04/2014 My Personal Yacht Preparation for the Season Ahead
29/03/2014 Long Race
15/03/2014 Frostbite Rally
04/03/2014 Passage Planning Talk
14/01/2014 Coastwatch Talk
17/12/2013 Marine Accident Investigation Branch Talk
09/11/2013 End of Season Dinner
29/10/2013 Curry Night
19/10/2013 Pursuit Race
05/10/2013 Navigator's Race and Rally (plus Sunday Race)
21/09/2013 Wooden Spoon Race
07/09/2013 Foxhunt Rally
23/08/2013 4 Day Cruise
04/08/2013 Mid Week Cruise
11/07/2013 Bastille Day Cruise
02/07/2013 BBQ Night
22/06/2013 Passage Races and Rally
01/06/2013 Spring Cruise
18/05/2013 Gins Farm Rally
11/05/2013 Two-handed Race
03/05/2013 May Day Cruise
20/04/2013 Rally & Experience Weekend
16/04/2013 Talk by Jubilee Sailing Trust
26/03/2013 Talk on a real life Man Over Board situation
19/03/2013 Harken and Ocean Safety Talk
16/03/2013 Frostbite Rally
05/02/2013 Talk - Farnborough Aircraft Museum
15/01/2013 Talk - Round Britain in a 17 footer
04/12/2012 Talk and presentation - Solent Sea Rescue Organisation
06/11/2012 Clipper Round the World Race by Tricia Morris
17/07/2012 Talk by Keith Gibbs
03/04/2012 Educational Talk - Tides (Part 2)
21/02/2012 Educational Talk - AIS
07/02/2012 Educational Talk – Flagged Up
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