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NOTE : the date of the Icicle cruise has moved to 9th December at the request of RORC Club. 

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Sailing Event applications

- All Members individually must apply to go on sailing events. This is done online when logged in by using the Register button shown on the particular event page. There is a general cut-off date for applications of 7 days before sailing events (some may be longer). After that date you can contact the event organiser who may still be able to fit you in.

Applications are made as either as a Skipper or a Crew member. Skippers may include non-members as Guests on their applications. An email will be sent confirming the application to both the member and the event organiser.

Social Event applications

Members can apply and also add guests who can also be other Club members. The events often involve  a payment which is easily paid using the on-line facility.

Note: if you have to cancel your application then you must contact the event organiser directly - there is no online facility to do it.

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 11 Scottish Adventures
Jan 25 2017 Annual General Meeting
Feb 01 First Aid for Sailors
Feb 08 Greek night
Feb 15 National Coastwatch Institution
Feb 22 CATCH THE TIDE 2017
Mar 01 Marine Accident Investigation Board
Mar 08 Briefing for Frostbite Rally
Mar 11 Frostbite Rally
Mar 15 Welcome Night
Mar 25 RYA First Aid Course- Pan Pan Sailing
Mar 29 Briefing for Long Race (Race 1)
Apr 01 Long Race (Race 1)
Apr 05 Open Mic Evening
Apr 26 Briefing for Experience Weekend
Apr 29 Experience Weekend
May 03 Briefing for Two Handed Race (Race 2)
May 06 Two Handed Race (Race 2)
May 10 Quiz Night
May 17 Briefing for Midweek Cruise
May 22 Midweek Cruise
Jun 07 Briefing for Regatta (Race 3-6)
Jun 10 Regatta (Race 3-6)
Jun 14 Summer BBQ
Jun 21 Briefing for Wooden Spoon (Race 7)
Jun 24 Wooden Spoon (race 7)
Jul 01 Round the Island Race
Jul 05 Briefing for Bastille Cruise
Jul 10 Bastille Day Cruise
Jul 26 Breifing for Yarmouth Race/Rally (Race 80
Jul 29 Yarmouth Race/Rally (Race 8)
Aug 02 Briefing for West Country Cruise
Aug 05 West Country Cruise
Aug 16 Briefing for Experience Weekend
Aug 19 Experience Weekend
Sep 13 Briefing for Passage Races (Race 9 & 10)
Sep 16 Passage Races (Race 9 & 10)
Sep 27 Briefing for Navigators Race/Rally (11)
Sep 30 Navigators Race/Rally (race 11)
Oct 04 One-Pot Members Choice
Oct 08 Day Skipper Theory Course
Oct 11 Briefing for Pursuit Race (Race 12)
Oct 14 Pursuit Race (race 12)
Oct 25 Briefing for Experience Weekend
Oct 28 Experience Weekend
Nov 01 The Boats That Made Britain- Tom Cunliffe
Nov 08 'HW Tilman's Maritime Experience- Bob Comlay
Nov 15 The RNLI Then and Now
Nov 29 A Night at The Races
Dec 06 Briefing for Icicle Cruise
Dec 09 Icicle Cruise
Dec 13 Mince Pie & Mulled Wine Evening
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