Do you want to Share a Boat?- Trevor Lenthall

04/09/2020 15:37 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Trevor has at last pulled his finger out and has been to see a boat. It’s perfect, and exactly fits the requirements, ie something that can be improved/loved, not get too precious over, and a bit racey!

My aim would be to get her up to speed for 2021, and use her as much as possible. If I could not use her I’d open it up to other qualified members of CSC who wanted to use her – a boat needs to be used, not parked.

My “accountant” will only let me do this on the basis of some kind of share, and as long as the boat gets used. I reckon I can buy her for £18,000 so a part share would be a proportion of that…he says obviously.

She is sound, needing some minor repairs around main saloon hatch cover (this is the biggest problem) and comes with an amazing suite of sails, both white and Kevlar. The standing rigging and most of the deck equipment is quite new. I do not think I’ll find anything better. We are also currently negotiating the use of an annual mooring (pontoon) in the Southampton area for £400pa.

Link to the advertisement is below. I need to make a decision fairly quickly, so could/would you mind publicizing these ramblings on-line for me? Anyone interested feel free to ring me at home on 01737 370 411

Take care all, Trevor

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