This page shows all Cruising events, including the Wednesday night briefing session

Sailing Event applications - All Members individually must apply to go on sailing events. This is done online when logged in by using the Register button shown on the particular event page. There is a general cut-off date for applications of 7 days before sailing events (some may be longer). After that date you can contact the event organiser who may still be able to fit you in.

Applications are made as either as a Skipper or a Crew member. Skippers may include non-members as Guests on their applications. An email will be sent confirming the application to both the member and the event organiser.

Upcoming events

    • 27/09/2017
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for: Navigators Race/Rally (Race11 )

    A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser: Ken Fifield
    • 30/09/2017
    • 01/10/2017
    • On the water

    Navigators Race/Rally (race 11)
    Special race to complete a specified course using the crew's best Navigational skills- its back to basics. A rally for those preferring to cruise- perhaps try out the navigation without the pressure of a race? Berthing and dinner TBC

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser: Ken Fifield

    • 25/10/2017
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for: Experience Weekend
        A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser: TBA
    • 28/10/2017
    • 29/10/2017
    • On the water

    Title: Experience Weekend

    A chance to practice your sailing skills on the water. The intention will be to cruise around Portsmouth Harbour boat handling under sail and power,  manoeuvring around the buoys and various hazards etc.  plus some dusk/night sailing Solent into Portsmouth harbour using Navigation lights, leading lines etc.

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser: Keith Gibbs/ David Surman

    • 29/11/2017
    • 21:00
    • Ashtead Cricket Club
    Briefing for: Icicle Cruise
      A must for all crew and skippers going on the event

    Organiser: Trevor Barker
    • 09/12/2017
    • 10/12/2017
    • On the water

    Icicle Cruise - 'Peter Pan'- Tick Tock


    Its that time of year again. A relaxed sail across to Neverland also known as Cowes followed by a riotous evening of Peter Pan themed boat dressing, sketches, rum rations.

    Then, onto the RORC's HQ. for a 4-course dinner and dancing to the White Diamond Roadshow.

    Usually a quieter, gentler sail back to home port on Sunday morning. 

    Due to the need to commit to the venue this event needs to know numbers early to ensure its viability. please register your interest ASAP.

    Cost : £49p.p

    Note:  On line registrations close on the Saturday night before.

    Organiser: Trevor Barker







Past events

19/08/2017 Experience Weekend
16/08/2017 Briefing for Experience Weekend
05/08/2017 West Country Cruise
02/08/2017 Briefing for West Country Cruise
29/07/2017 Yarmouth Race/Rally (Race 8)
26/07/2017 Breifing for Yarmouth Race/Rally (Race 80
10/07/2017 Bastille Day Cruise
05/07/2017 Briefing for Bastille Cruise
22/05/2017 Midweek Cruise
17/05/2017 Briefing for Midweek Cruise
29/04/2017 Experience Weekend
26/04/2017 Briefing for Experience Weekend
11/03/2017 Frostbite Rally
08/03/2017 Briefing for Frostbite Rally
22/02/2017 CATCH THE TIDE 2017
03/12/2016 Icicle Cruise
13/08/2016 West Country Cruise
10/07/2016 Bastille Day Cruise
14/05/2016 Experience Weekend
09/05/2016 Midweek Cruise
05/12/2015 Icicle Cruise
14/09/2015 Foxhunt Rally- Cancelled
12/09/2015 Passage Race/Rally
05/09/2015 Joint Rally with Sutton Mariners
15/08/2015 Plymouth Fireworks Cruise
01/08/2015 Lymington Race/Rally
12/07/2015 Bastille Cruise
30/05/2015 Spring Cruise
01/05/2015 Milk-O-Punch
11/04/2015 Experience Weekend
03/04/2015 Easter Cruise
21/03/2015 Frostbite Rally
06/12/2014 Icicle Cruise and Commodore's Dinner-Dance
01/12/2014 Experience Weekend
25/10/2014 Pursuit Race and Rally
11/10/2014 Navigators Race and Rally
13/09/2014 Foxhunt Rally
09/08/2014 Plymouth Fireworks Cruise
26/07/2014 Passage Races and Rally
10/07/2014 Bastille Day Cruise
28/06/2014 Lymington Race and Rally
31/05/2014 D-Day Spring Cruise
26/04/2014 Quizagation Rally
15/03/2014 Frostbite Rally
05/10/2013 Navigator's Race and Rally (plus Sunday Race)
07/09/2013 Foxhunt Rally
23/08/2013 4 Day Cruise
04/08/2013 Mid Week Cruise
11/07/2013 Bastille Day Cruise
22/06/2013 Passage Races and Rally
01/06/2013 Spring Cruise
18/05/2013 Gins Farm Rally
03/05/2013 May Day Cruise
20/04/2013 Rally & Experience Weekend
16/03/2013 Frostbite Rally
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