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    • 16/01/2019
    • 20:30 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club


    Singapore Sling goes to the Baltic Swedish archipelago, the Gota Canal, and the Danish archipelago.

    Continuing on from last year we look at the challenges of sailing amongst 2000 islands and 20,000 rocks, from Fehmarn in Germany to Sandhamn (near Stockholm) in Sweden.  We look at the merits of chart plotters versus charts.  Navigate through the Gota canal with 58 locks to go up 91.8 m (and down again) plus 70 mile lakes, and finally check out a trip down the west coast of Sweden from Gothenburg, onto Copenhagen and finally back to Fehmarn in Germany. 

    Dick Beddoe and various crew completed the trip in the summer of 2018 and will inspire you to visit this stunningly beautiful part of the world. 

    (Free entry - A collection will be held at the end of the talk to support the club and clubs nominated charity).

    Organiser:    Dick Beddoe    


    • 13/02/2019
    • 20:30 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

     Description: Making Sailing Pay - Ken Fifield

    “Sailing is usually about spending more than you would like on something you love, but how about making it cash positive. 

    How did I achieve getting paid for doing something I love?  I  looked at the various ways of getting part time or even full time work in the world of Sailing and the potential returns including

    • Race Skipper or first mating on corporate events
    • RYA training on the water and in the classroom. 

    Teaching and racing with novice sailors is not without its stories, so expect some intrigue. We also look at some real lessons learnt and hard won experience on how to get novices to

    • Raise a Spinnaker
    • Survive a start line of 27 yachts
    • Set race trimming and how to stuff it up
    • What to do when they freeze on that really important task that could lose the race
    • Five ways of saying “Pull the red rope”

    And lastly how to be safe racing 27 yachts in 30 knots gusting 35 knots with novices, the collateral damage and the excuses.”

    Organiser:    Dick Beddoe    


    • 27/02/2019
    • 20:30 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

     North West Passage - Nigel Barraclough 

    The North West Passage – who found it and who didn’t.

    The North West passage in the Artic north of Canada: a fabled alternative route to the east has been the subject of controversy, claims that were unfounded but more importantly the true “discoverer” was vilified and never given the credit by the Establishment – arguably still doesn’t.

    Nigel Barraclough will talk about the history and one of the (conveniently) forgotten heroes of Artic exploration.

    (Free entry - A collection will be held at the end of the talk to support the club and clubs nominated charity).

    Organiser:    Dick Beddoe    


    • 13/03/2019
    • 20:30 - 21:30
    • Ashtead Cricket Club

     Description: The Commodore goes to the bottom of the World.- Alick Fraser

    A trip to the tip of South America - Fin del Mondo - and beyond

    Pencil in this date in your diary for a presentation about some of the remotest parts of the world.  More detail to follow, but be assured this presentation is definitely not to be missed.

    (Free entry - A collection will be held at the end of the talk to support the club and clubs nominated charity).

    Organiser:    Dick Beddoe    


Past events

12/12/2018 'Confessions of a Yachtmaster Examiner'
07/11/2018 RNLI Presentation and Christmas Sale
21/03/2018 The Dreaded COLREGS- Bill Swindell
07/03/2018 Sailing Around Britain- Ken Endean
28/02/2018 The Trinity House Story- David Whitehead
21/02/2018 CATCH THE TIDE 2018
17/01/2018 Singapore Sling goes to the Baltic
10/01/2018 Sailing in the Orkneys
15/11/2017 The RNLI Then and Now
08/11/2017 'HW Tilman's Maritime Experience- Bob Comlay
01/11/2017 The Boats That Made Britain- Tom Cunliffe
05/04/2017 Open Mic Evening
01/03/2017 Marine Accident Investigation Board
22/02/2017 CATCH THE TIDE 2017
15/02/2017 National Coastwatch Institution
01/02/2017 First Aid for Sailors
11/01/2017 Scottish Adventures
23/11/2016 'Man is not Lost'- Tom Cunliffe
16/11/2016 Emergency Response and Turn to Starboard
09/11/2016 The Green Blue- Kate Fortnam
26/10/2016 RNLI- Our Services on the Thames
02/03/2016 'Sand, seals and surf - cruising around Norfolk to the Wash'.
24/02/2016 Operation Neptune - National Trust Coast
10/02/2016 Ropes and Knots
20/01/2016 Walking with Lions
13/01/2016 QHM at Portsmouth
16/12/2015 Frosted Earth - Clouds
18/11/2015 Racing and the North West Passage 2013
04/11/2015 The How and Why of Tides
28/10/2015 1st Cuddington (Warspite) Sea Scouts
07/10/2015 Jubilee Sailing Trust
11/02/2015 RYA Handicap System Talk
27/11/2014 Clipper Round the World- Littleton Sailing Club
28/05/2014 Talk about the Gwennili Trust
08/04/2014 Brooklands Talk
01/04/2014 My Personal Yacht Preparation for the Season Ahead
04/03/2014 Passage Planning Talk
14/01/2014 Coastwatch Talk
17/12/2013 Marine Accident Investigation Branch Talk
16/04/2013 Talk by Jubilee Sailing Trust
26/03/2013 Talk on a real life Man Over Board situation
19/03/2013 Harken and Ocean Safety Talk
05/02/2013 Talk - Farnborough Aircraft Museum
15/01/2013 Talk - Round Britain in a 17 footer
04/12/2012 Talk and presentation - Solent Sea Rescue Organisation
06/11/2012 Clipper Round the World Race by Tricia Morris
17/07/2012 Talk by Keith Gibbs
03/04/2012 Educational Talk - Tides (Part 2)
21/02/2012 Educational Talk - AIS
07/02/2012 Educational Talk – Flagged Up
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