Racing and the North West Passage 2013

  • 18/11/2015
  • 20:30 - 21:30
  • Old Freemen's Clubhouse

Talk: Racing and the North West Passage  by  Richard Nicholson

Richard will give a talk covering both his racing career and a 2013 North West Passage trip.

In his words:-

‘Racing (ranging from the 1989/90 Whitbread, a little on my involvement in a failed 93/4 race through to RORC events such as the Fastnet & The Middle Sea Race and Classic racing in the Mediterranean such as Monaco Classics and Les Voiles de Saint Tropez).  

What makes my racing life slightly different to many of my peer group is that with the exception (or as a result!) of Whitbread racing I have focused more on smaller team racing - normally with either fully professional or complete amateur racers in which case it is about taking a 'novice' team quickly to a performance level matching the older, more integrated seasoned racers and competing and often beating this opposition.

Organiser: Simon Davey

Note: The bar will only open when the talk finishes at c.2130 when the normal Club meeting will begin.

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