Emergency Response and Turn to Starboard

  • 16/11/2016
  • 20:30 - 21:30
  • Old Freemen's Clubhouse

Talk: Medical Emergency Response and Turn to Starboard by Shaun Pascoe

Below is an extract from Shaun's response to our request:-

The talk I do for clubs is on my operational role as Officer Commanding of the Medical Emergency Response Team. We flew forward using the Chinook aircraft collecting at point of wounding. I have completed tours in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Iraq and repeatedly to Afghanistan. On my log I recorded 1494 patients. We were often in quite challenging and austere conditions regularly under fire and the impact to the patients was quite profound. It has a huge positive message particularly the impact this now has on the NHS. I then lead into the difficulty transitioning when you come home and the reasons I set up Turn to Starboard explaining what we do now. The impact on those we support has been amazing."

For further info on the Organisation please click on the links below

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  Organiser: Simon Davey

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