Scarlet Pimpernel Cruise

  • 10/07/2021
  • 16/07/2021
  • On the water


  • For CSC crew members
  • For CSC boat skippers only

Registration is closed

Scarlet Pimpernel Cruise is on!


Finally been in contact with St Peter's Port. They now confirmed we can just turn up. We seem to be on if there are registrants. 

I envisage we would arrive Sunday 11th  afternoon  and stay Monday 12th July’s nights at Victoria Marina–  one whole day in St PP seems plenty.  We would be leaving on Tuesday..

Then for those who wanted, as suggested by older hand than mine, I shall investigate anchoring off Alderney.  

There are very few of the initial registrants remaining. For the moment it’s two skippers and me. The uncertainty hasn’t helped.

For those who have been waiting to hear, Please book asap, so I can start doing some organisation. Time is tight 

meal booking to follow.

Passage Planning  

Guernsey is 110 Miles from Portsmouth, 

22 hrs at 5 knots

COG 220 approx from Bembridge 

Departure with following tides mid afternoon on Sat afternoon 15 58  Portsmouth HW + 3 h

Arrival with following tidal streams is between 13 55 p.m. and 16 55 p.m. BST Dover HW to HW + 3

The new CoViD Dispensation seem very straight forward.

1 - Proof of vaccinations  

For those of us on an IT learning curve

Go to: nhs. net

Pick: Covid 19

Click: requesting a COVID Pass letter online    

All you need are your NHS number on each of your GP or Hospital letters. The demographic profile of the club should take care of that.

But it take 5 days for your paper copy.

But your vaccination card may suffice

2 - Fill your Travel Tracker form.GOV.GG TRAVELTRACKER.GOV.GG

Right click the link below and go to open link in new window. 


Have the details of you vaccination, dates, batches, and vaccination provider ready. This info is all on  your vaccination card.

The system seems to accept Public Health England and the NHS Trust from which you got your jabs

It took me about 5 mins and I am not an IT leading light.

Also  I understand they supply assistance to complete that form on arrival

Help me make it happen 


Note:  On line registrations close Thursday 8th July.
Organiser: Patrick Regnault

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1st July its expected that access in the CTA and therefore the Channel Islands will become available for the 'double jabbed' 

Latest thoughts are now:-

I have emailed St Peter Port Victoria Marina with a request for1/2 dozen berth and am waiting for them to email me back.

They had not yet heard, at the time of my contact, anything formally about how the prospective change of travel rules rules from 1 July would be applied, let alone any update after postponement of the end of the Public health emergency restrictions.

These prospective changes are that anyone arriving from the United Kingdom and fully vaccinated for more than 14 days since their second vaccination will not be subject to isolation or testing requirements. This means they will be as if in the “blue channel” travel category.

Anyone, however, not fully vaccinated or who had the second dose of vaccination for fewer than 14 days will still be require to open a Travel Tracker account, entering travel information less than 48 hours before arrival, and comply with testing and self-isolation. I doubt there will be many takers for that!

Given our club demographic profile, I anticipate there will be many of us fully jabbed.

I’ll keep an eye up on the FCO website.  

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